Dack's Concrete brew concrete on sight to your specifications. The concrete is top quality because there is no delay in transport time.

The Machine is a small, compact and highly maneuverable mobile batch plant designed specifically for sites with difficult access.

The Concrete Machine carries with it all the premix, cement and water for the concrete brew and accurately mixes it all on site for the best quality product



Any specific mix design required, most popular are:

20 MPa

25 MPa



Site mixing allows production to stop at exactly the volume required for the job. You will never run short or pay for concrete ordered and not used.


The Dacks Concrete Machine is a Reimer Mixer mounted on a Mercedes 6 wheeler truck.


Reimer Mixers began over 40 years ago to solve the problems associated with remote location concrete delivery;- exactly the challenges faced on Banks Peninsula.

Reimer customers have helped to innovate and evolve product lines so that Reimer Mixers are all high quality machines that exceed industry standards and set the industry benchmark for Volumetric Concrete Mixers.